Hi, I'm j.t. bugos


I used to be a chunky dude but now I’m not! I let myself go in college and afterwards, going from a 180-pound basketball and volleyball player to a nearly 250-pound couch potato. I finally got fed up with how I looked and felt — it hit me one day looking in the mirror that I just didn’t like the person looking back at me and I had little confidence in myself. I decided to make a change. I started working out 6 days a week doing P90X (thanks Tony Horton!) and slowly changed my diet to incorporate more wholesome foods while still enjoying pizza with my family every Friday. After about a year and half I was down 70 pounds and I FELT GREAT. I had confidence. I liked me. And so I moved out to Colorado and continued my journey in Denver, eventually getting into bodybuilding and becoming a personal trainer. Now, my nearly 30-year-old self could easily kick my former high school athlete’s butt, and I’m only getting better every day. I lift 6 times a week, do yoga every day, and take my two dogs hiking on the weekends. I’ve created a fit lifestyle that works for me, and I still haven’t given up my Friday pizza (nor will I ever!). My goals now are to help others achieve exactly what I did — shed weight, build self-confidence and self-love, and create a sustainable fit lifestyle that works for them.


Ace Certified Personal Trainer

The University of Iowa

B.A.: Communications Studies

Minor: Business