JTB Fitness


Hi, I'm j.t. bugos, an ace-certified personal trainer


My fitness journey started after I gained roughly 60 pounds during my college and post-college years. I played sports all through high school that kept me in shape, but let myself go into college and for three years after. Eventually, my self confidence dipped and I got fed up with how I felt and looked -- so I started working out regularly and incorporating healthy foods into my diet. It was a struggle at first, but I eventually came to love it as I saw results and started feeling more energetic. I ending up losing 70 pounds, but gained confidence and self-love. I've since put back on 15 pounds of muscle and I continue working out consistently along with wholesome eating. I've never felt better physically or mentally, and I've gained so much discipline and work ethic from fitness. I decided I wanted to help people achieve the same thing I did and increase their confidence and love for themselves while getting in the best shape of their lives!