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I unlock your best health by: burning belly jiggle, mastering nutrition, and building superhero strength

Hi, I'm j.t. bugos

I used to be 250 pounds. Every morning I’d wake up, rub the blurrinesses from my eyes, and stare in the mirror. I didn’t like what I saw. After years of being lean and athletic, I had a round, chubby face. I looked soft — belly expanding beyond my waistband, love handles spilling over, and arms flabbier than a newborn baby. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin — a problem, since I wore my skin all day every day. It took me a while to realize I had let myself go, and when it finally struck me I got really down. I wasn’t the man I thought I was, nor was the path I was on going to get me there.

My dream then was just to look good. To brush my teeth without my belly jiggling. I wanted to not only be comfortable in my skin, but confident enough to take my shirt off. I’d lost that comfort a long time ago and I wasn’t sure I’d ever get it back. I knew how hard it would be to get back to a body I loved, and for a long time I wasn’t ready for that. But the dream stuck with me — I had a burning desire to love myself, my body, my soul, and I couldn’t let that go. Not without a vicious fight.

When I finally turned my dream into a reality, it was 18 months after I started. A year and a half of consistent workouts, of making small but healthy changes to my diet, and of focusing on building a new me. I lost 75 pounds over those 18 months, but I gained a confidence that borders irrational, a work ethic that doesn’t allow me to simply not at least try, and a lifestyle that makes being healthy just what I do rather than an every day job.

Years later I still work to improve daily, but now I’ve built the habits to sustainably support my mission: be the healthiest I can possibly be for me. This experience molded me into the man I always wanted to be: a man who can make an impact — even if it’s a small ripple in this big ocean of life. I realized after a dramatic physical transformation that the mental reconstruction was far more considerable. I changed not just how I looked, but who I was and how I felt. I decided I wanted to help others achieve the same, so I became a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and an overall health coach. My mission is to help you unlock your best health by mastering your nutrition, evolving your mindset, and creating next level habits.


American Council on Exercise (ACE)

Certified Personal Trainer

Precision Nutrition

Level 1 Certification (Pn1)

Online Trainer Academy

Online Trainer Certified

The University of Iowa

B.A.: Communications Studies

Minor: Business


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